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Magma Space is an innovative tech start-up company that was created to bring a new concept of magnetic bearing to the space community without compromising power requirements or performance. Magma Space is currently working on a SBIR Phase II project for a magnetically levitated reaction wheel sponsored by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, but there are a number of exciting, innovative products in the pipeline for future R&D projects with the public and private sector. Led by CEO Dr Alessandro Stabile, Magma Space main focus is on the development of new mechanisms, both for space and terrestrial applications, that would benefit from the proposed new class of high-efficiency, low-power, long-life magnetic bearings. Magma Space is located in Washington, DC 

Alessandro Stabile


Alessandro has 8 years of experience in the field of micro-vibration analysis and mitigation. During his PhD, he investigated the state of the art of damping methods for space applications and developed a novel concept for a high-performance, low-power, semi-active damping method with the potential of considerably improving the current state of the art. The results of his PhD gauged the interest of the UK Space Agency first, and then the European Space Agency. From both organizations he received grants for post-doctorate research projects together with leading European Space companies. Once in the US,  Alessandro saw the opportunity to use the basic principles of his technology to provide stable magnetic levitation with low power consumption and absence of a control algorithm. 

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Magnetic Mechanisms for Aerospace